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Alex Chernyshev

Member since August 2020

Alex Chernyshev
Java Architect / Development Lead


Able to solve all problems related to software development with Java, can build full development process (in-house and outsource) from scratch and have proven experience bringing projects and products to success.

  • Summary

    • Software Development Professional with >15 years of experience
    • bringing products from concept to release in a variety of environments and companies.
    • Capable team player and project leader who works well with people at all levels.



BPM (Business Process Management)

Build tools and IDE

Data Modeling Tools

Enterprise Search Engines



ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)


Source Version Control

Web and Frontend

Technical Skills



Application Servers

BI (Business Intelligence)

Operation Systems

Programming Languages

  • Work experience

  • Development Lead

    2 year(s)

    During May 2013 - Apr 2015

    • Successfully build from ground the strong development team (6 developers): found, interviewed, hired and trained,
    • build "from scratch" in-house development process: Mercurial, Rhodecode, Jira, Sonar and Jenkins.
    • Was responsible for 3 different projects, include resource planning, architecture, development, deployment and support for each.

    Responsibilities and Achievements:
    • Created from scratch (as part of development plan) new project engine (Spring, Hibernate, JBPM)
    • 4 major DB supported (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres)
    • data full-text search and versioning
    • modern web UI (Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery 2.0)
    • embedded Jasper Reports engine
    • embedded(or external) MQ broker (ActiveMQ)
    • embedded(or external) ESB engine (MuleESB)
  • Development Lead / Architect

    5 year(s)

    During Sep 2010 - Apr 2015

    As Development Lead, I was responsible primary for my team (interviews, education and so) as Architect - for technical side of a set of projects in company.

    Responsibilities and Achievements:
    • Successfully maintained huge integration application (IBM WebSphere ESB, IBM WebSphere Express, JAX-WS, Microsoft SQL Server, JSF, Integration Developer and IBM MQ).
    • As part of support process upgraded this project twice: from ESB 6.2 to 7.0 and then later to 7.5.
    • Implemented full Teradata MDRM Suite internalization (to Russian), implemented the set of dictionaries for Teradata's end customer (proprietary XML-based language).
    • Completely re-designed huge outdated banking system from Delphi/Oracle stack to J2EE.
    • Developed “proof-of-concept” J2EE application (IBM WebSphere /Oracle /AxisWS /Swing)
    • Implemented full development cycle in company: version control (Subversion), build system (Maven and Hudson), code quality (Sonar) and bug tracker (Jira).
    • Developed a set of plugins for Atlassian Jira involved custom time spend reports, gadgets and task create automation.
  • Education

  • Oracle IT Architecture SOA 2013 Essentials

    Oracle University

    Completed (graduated) : Feb 2015

  • Master's Degree in Software Development

    Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSOGU)

    Completed (graduated) : Jun 2005


available upon request