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Notes from Oracle Cloud Day

comparing to AWS:

  • be supported on your own for Oracle instances running in Amazon
  • No solution to run Oracle RAC in AWS

  • Oracle claiming faster performance benchmarked on a similar virtual units for data-intensive calculations and analitycs

  • no actual benchmark results and details where provided fr review though
  • no comments about RDS though :)
  • no such thing as Amazon S3 in the Oracle Cloud


comapring to Azure:

  • Azure relies on hardware vendors to provision new hardware such as Dell, HP or others ..


customer success stories with Oracle Cloud:

  • Pfizer migrated from on-premise to Oracle Cloud
  • GE migrated to Oracle Cloud during their Oracle ERP Apps –°onsolidation project



Oracle Cloud Services key features for DevOps:


For Ops and Cloud Infrastructure:

  • SSO and IDM is now coming into the cloud
  • SOA cloud service
  • DBaaS available in the cloud (Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle BigData Applience)
  • Oracle Cloud Intrgration services (ODI, GoldenGate as a service)
  • IaaS Patching and upgrades are handled by Oracle automatically, user have to schedule downtimes


For DevOps:

  • Polyglot Platform: to run apps written in PHP SE JS python Ruby
  • cloud service console dashboard and console (OEM and Weblogic Manegement Console (java mission control) integration)
  • modern Mobile interface for Oracle Forms
  • deploy your own docker containers into the cloud
  • MBaaS mobile apps market as a cloud services (mobile application accelerator)
  • docker repo container service
  • Oracle API cloud platform


CI/CD features:

  • Private Git repository available as a service
  • IDE integration (eclipse, NetBeans, JDeveloper)
  • integrated issue tracking system (aka Oracle Jira)
  • Build frameworks: Maven, Hudson, Gradle, no jenkins as aservice, sorry, available through API
  • testing tools integrated: Junit Selenium Findbugs

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